join us at Cosumnes River College for a concert presentation of “DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE” in preparation for our full production of Anthony D’juan’s play based on Carla Fleming and Joe Archie’s celebrated concept album this coming Summer.

DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE is a concept album that chronicles the vicious cycle of domestic violence. Heavy in theme, Carla Fleming takes us on a point of view journey into a situation only thought to happen to other people, and presents the paradoxical question: “why did you stay?” Through moving melodies and dramatic monologues, Carla brings awareness and provides hope at the end of the darkness.

Originally released in 2007, Carla always felt DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE could be more refined. In honor of the 15th anniversary she decided to rework the record by removing songs that didn't bear weight and adding new music with dramatic monologues to make the story more cohesive - which led to the creation of the stage play. The play is a companion piece to the album turning the monologues into scenes to present an experimental musical, played out in song order.

From the new track, "Love Bomb", to the last track "Love Sweet Love", this project tells an honest story of love, gaslighting and confusion. It provides expression for the voiceless by speaking loud of the emotional complexities caused by abuse, with the goal in mind to effect change.   

Unable to attend the show but still want show your support?  You are welcome to make a donation.