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The song "Hot" has gone through quite a transform.  There are actually 3 versions of the song.  The first version was produced by "Lo Key" a laid back producer from Sacramento, out of a studio called the Candy Shop.  It was never released but I fell in love with concept.  

The second version was produced by Ivan Johnson.  A sexy, seductive rendition of the song.  It was featured on the EP, Lover in the early 2000s.  

The 3rd and most recent version of the song was produced by Joe Archie.  This version has more of a latin feel.  I even commissioned my Spanish speaking family to translate parts of it in order incorporate more flavor to the lyrics.  

I absolutely love both of these versions of the song.  Maybe you will too. Or maybe you will like one a little more than the other.  Either way for the month of July, I supplied a little heat.  

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