Carla L. Fleming is a California Singer, Actor, Songwriter, and Producer.   Born and raised in Chicago, Ill. and relocated to Sacramento, CA.  With a very distinctive voice, Carla blends her soulful roots, and sultry tones to create music that can be felt. 


Carla has appeared on countless collaborations with many artists in her area.  She spent the early part of her career singing background vocals and hooks for up and coming rappers. That is how she learned to grind.  Carla started her recording career on the Independent label “Get Lifted Records” where she was an artist and staff writer.  She has written hooks and songs for many of artists that would come through their studio.  After an internship with Hitworks Records, Carla started her own label and began creating her own recording projects.  She successfully released 2 EPs 1 full-length album, a Christmas CD and a number of singles and music videos on her own. 


After a very long string of sporadic successes as a singer, Carla redirected her focus to acting, which she found to love just as much as music.   It did not take long for Carla to get acclimated to the theater scene. In a short time, Carla started receiving calls for opportunities throughout the region for acting and singing, She has starred in pretty significant  Plays such as “Black Pearl Sings”, ” Sister Act the Musical” just to name a few. 


Nowadays you can find Carla appearing on a variety of platforms.  She is regularly working in film, theater, and performing her own music live.   She also spends a lot of her time in the studio recording and creating new music or learning lines for her next character.  She is a co-host on a very successful podcast The Life of Leisure, which streams live twice a week on Instagram.  


Carla Fleming is most known for writing music that impacts her community. It has always been her mission to use her gifts and talents to a make a difference and touch the lives of her listeners.  Her first album “Domestic Disturbance” was based on a theme.  It was a concept album drawing awareness to Domestic violence.  She then went on to produce the award-winning documentary and music Video Weapons Down, in which a group of fellow artist and musicians teamed up to speak out against gun violence. 


Carla’s new music will not disappoint.  She is making her debut as a producer.  Carla has grown tremendously as an artist and it reflects in the music she’s written and produced.    The lastest single, "MEANT FOR ME" sets the stage for what’s to come.