Carla Fleming

Singer-songwriter / Actor

Nowadays you can find Carla appearing on a variety of platforms.  She is regularly working in film, theater, and performing her own music live.   She also spends a lot of her time in the studio recording and creating new music or learning lines for her next character.  She is a co-host on a very successful podcast The Life of Leisure, which streams live twice a week on Instagram.  


Carla Fleming is most known for writing music that impacts her community. It has always been her mission to use her gifts and talents to a make a difference and touch the lives of her listeners.  Her first album “Domestic Disturbance” was based on a theme.  It was a concept album drawing awareness to Domestic violence.  She then went on to produce the award-winning documentary and music Video Weapons Down, in which a group of fellow artist and musicians teamed up to speak out against gun violence. 

Through moving melodies and dramatic monologues Carla Fleming invites us on a journey into the life of a person who finds themselves in a situation they thought could only happen to someone else.  Carla provides insight in to the age old question, "why did you stay?"  From the new addition to the album "Love Bomb" to the last track "Love Sweet Love" this record speaks to the heart of the matter.

Domestic Disturbance is a concept album that chronicles the vicious cycle of domestic violence from an intimate prospective.  Though heavy at times, the songs have a way of opening us up to a point view, that not only brings awareness and understanding but provides hope at the end of the darkness. 

Carla originally released Domestic Disturbance in 2007.  Though very successful, Carla always felt like the album could be a bit more refined.  In honor of the 15th anniversary, She decided to rework the the record, by taking off some of the songs that didn't bear weight, and by adding new music and dramatic monologues to make the story more cohesive.  

This masterful collection has the power to effect change.  


(DIGITAL) Domestic Disturbance 15th Anniversary

Carla Fleming

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Press / Reviews

Review #1

Carla is incredibly talented and has told such and important story with this album.  This should also be a a musical!

S. Davis

Review #2

What you made is an utter masterpiece. Your story telling is incredible. The entire albums flows so well and I could feel the emotion through your voice voice and your story and every single word gave me goose bumps.

Marlises B. 

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